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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

FAQs about the Kansas OverDrive project - updated 5/30/2006

We thought it would be helpful to post some of the questions we receive about the Kansas OverDrive project (along with our best stab at answers) here on the blog so there's 24/7 access.

If you have questions about the project, it's best to submit those through the Support link on the Audio Books, Music and More site, as those are seen immediately and the blog may be checked less frequently.
Recent questions will be posted at the top of the FAQ post.

Happy listening!

Q: How do I check in a book I am no longer using?

A: There is no 'check in' facility; once the lending period expires (generally 14 days) the title will 'expire' and you can delete it from your list in OverDrive Media Console.

According to our technical support person at OverDrive, if a title were returned early it would be available at the web site again for the next patron, but the title would still be available to be played via the first user's OverDrive Media Console and could still be burned to a CD. This is because of the Microsoft technology behind the console. Libraries purchase individual copies of the titles. So to enable early return would amount to distribution of more than one copy, according to the publishers' view.

A fuller explanation is available here.

Q: Today I checked out two audiobooks and attempted to download each one. I was able to partially download the first, and when it timed out without completely downloading the last part (Part 10) at 99%, I tried to go into My Media in My Documents, delete the incomplete section and attempted the download. I got a message that the download timed out and that I was to contact support. I didn't. Instead, I attempted to download another book, and got to 3% of Part 8, at which point the same hangup occurred. Again I tried to delete the incomplete file per your troubleshooting instructions, and again tried to complete the download, and got the same message that it had timed out and I needed to contact support. Both books play fine from the beginning.

A: This problem looks like the downloads are timing out, which could be a couple of different things. One main possible cause is if you are having internet connection problems. This would be most likely to be the case if you have a dial-up connection.

Another thing they may want to consider trying is to clear their temporary internet files, as these may be causing difficulty with downloads. To clear these files, please ask them to try the following.

1. In Firefox, go to Tools > Options > Privacy > Cache > Clear cache now > OK.

2. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > General > Temporary Internet Files > Delete Files > check Delete all Offline Content > OK.

If the problem persists, please provide a screenshot of the error(s) you receive when the download fails.

Q: One of the books I have checked out says that the download has been disabled and I should contact support. I have downloaded parts one and two but am now unable to download part three.

A: According to OverDrive support, there is is a limit to the number of times the actual license for any given title may be obtained. The license is downloaded every time the download button for the title in the checkout list is clicked. But you should not need to click this button if you need to re-download a Part, or if you chose not to download all of the parts right away. What you can do is go to the OverDrive Media Console, select the title and click 'Download Part(s)'. This will allow you to download any part that has not already been downloaded. But if you do need to have the download link reset, OverDrive can do that, so long as we have your Kansas Library Card number.

Q: I downloaded two books from OverDrive; they play fine in OverDrive Media Console and Windows Media Player. However, when I try to transfer to an RCA Lyra RD1072 256MB, although it appears all tracks transfer in correct order that is not the case. Tracks are missing and the order is completely random on the device. All 3 attempts had different results re: missing tracks and order. The device has a slot for SD Memory and all attempts to play tracks loaded on it has failed.

A: The RCA Lyra player is not listed either on the OverDrive supported devices list or their known incompatible devices list. Especially if you're buying a device specifically to use with OverDrive, it's a good idea to check these lists and purchase a device from the supported list.

OverDrive says your problem with tracks out of order could be related to the device being in 'shuffle' mode - try pressing "mode" during playback until "normal playback" is visible on the screen. The problem with some tracks being missing could be because some parts weren't selected during the burn process, or because the Lyra device couldn't hold all the parts of that title. The two titles you mentioned were 166568 KB and 94545 KB, a total of 261113KB, which is more than your device's capacity.

OverDrive also says that for copy-protection reasons, OverDrive audio cannot be copied to memory cards.

Q: I have successfully downloaded and burned two sections of a book. The second section I burned to a CD-RW. To erase the second section I did a full format of the disc. When I tried to burn the third section Windows media player pop up message said to insert a blank CD-R or CD-RW. I was able to do a quick format to see if that would work. I still get the same message. Can I use CR-RWs? If so what process do I use to erase them?

A: The Windows Media Player online FAQ might have some helpful information.

Windows Media Player Help (from the Help menu within WMP) gives the following information about erasing a CD-RW disk before burning more files to it:

To erase a CD-RW
Click Burn.
Click the Erase disk button . (an icon with an upside-down pencil on it)
When prompted, click Yes.

Note: The Erase disk button is not available for CD-RW discs if the CD contains files, such as .doc files, that the Player does not play.

Q: I get an error message about screen resolution when trying to use the OverDrive Media Console - what is the minimum resolution supported?

A: According to the OverDrive Media Console system requirements, the minimum screen resolution supported is Super VGA (800x600).

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Open letter to iPod users

Dear iPod Users:

The Audio Books, Music and More project launched this month features digital audio for the Windows platform. The State Library of Kansas would love to provide digital audio for both Mac and Windows platforms and it is not our intent to exclude iPod users. We look forward to the day when Apple and Microsoft can come to an agreement which allow downloads to both types of systems.

For those who would like to determine if their portable audio devices can be used to play digital books and music from the collection, the following site lists WMA (Windows Media Audio) portable devices which will allow the downloading of digital audio files from Audio Books, Music and More:

The following article provides some useful background about the incompatibility issues:
Norman Oder, “Will Audiobooks fit on iPods?”, Library Journal, June 1, 2005.

We remain hopeful that there will be a technical solution that will allow us to provide digital audio for a greater range of devices in the future.



Christie P. Brandau
State Librarian

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Audio books, music and more launch at the Basehor Community Library 5/1/06 - tah day!

(l-r) Mayor Chris Garcia, Janice Garcia (Board Chair), Jenne Laytham (staff),
Florence Pouppirt, Jo Rundus (Post Master), Carla Kaiser (Director), Jenell Noeth.

The Talking Book Library, Norton joins the Audio books, music and more launch!

Leslie Bell and Clarice Howard assist Michael W.

Georgia Mann and Michael W.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pioneer Memorial Library and Colby Community College Join In!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Hiawatha Launches Overdrive

First, Anne helps Jo register for a Kansas Library Card.

Then we gather 'round for an OverDrive overview.

Time to launch.

Thanks State Library of Kansas - we're Launched!

Coffey County Library celebrates the State of Kansas Library OVERDRIVE PROJECT!!!

Welcome to the May 1 Launch!!

this is an audio post - click to play

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Welcome to the Audio books, music and more! blog

Thanks to all of you who are contributors to the audio books and music collection jointly held by the libraries of Kansas! This two-year pilot project is an innovative and exciting way to bring new resources to Kansas library patrons, and it certainly is an efficient method of resource sharing! Working together, the State Library of Kansas and libraries of all kinds are able to provide a wide range of titles in this collection. We hope you will share your thoughts and experiences in this blog as we try out this new format.

Happy listening!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Coming Soon!

Audio books, music and more! After May 1, 2006 anyone with a Kansas Library Card will be able to select, download, listen to and sync to MP3 players hundreds of audio books and music titles. Check out on May 1 to try it out!